Leading innovation.

In the face of unprecedented technological and societal upheaval, it’s no longer sufficient to be a great leader of the current business: leaders must also create the future. Leading Innovation is an interactive 90-minute tour of the mindsets and behaviours leaders must adopt to lead innovation successfully.

Inspiring – Informative – Innovative

Leading innovation is not like leading the current organization. It requires new mindsets, expertise, and behaviors that are often in stark opposition to those that have made leaders successful to date. In short, leaders must invest in transforming themselves before they can transform their organizations.


The Leading Innovation Keynote is an interactive 90-minute overview of our perspective on what innovation is, and why it is so difficult to lead in established organizations. It gives leaders insight into the changes in their own mindsets and behaviours they’ll need to make in order to lead innovation successfully. And it leaves them with some practical tools they can begin to use with their teams.

In an interactive 90 minutes, participants will explore:

  • How should we define innovation? And why is it so hard to lead in an established organization?
  • What different mindsets are required for innovation (and why are they hard for business professionals to embrace)?
  • What behaviours are required to lead not only the creation of compelling new ideas, but the implementation of ideas in a context full of roadblocks and impediments.

Meet the presenter

  • Melissa Quinn

    Melissa is an innovation expert with 20 years of experience at the intersection of design and business. Learn more

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