Coaching for high performance.

Coaching For High Performance is a comprehensive program that equips managers with the skills, tools, and mindset of world-class coaches. It can be configured in durations from a half-day overview to a five month personalized journey.

Pressure tested

We've refined our coaching programs through our work with hundreds of Olympic athletes and their coaches, helping to produce over 100 medals along the way.

Trusted by the best

Our coaching tools have been baked into Smith School of Business at Queen's University's world-class residential Leadership program, MBA and EMBA for over 20 years.

Learning that sticks

Participants create a personal action plan to immediately start applying what they've learned, and receive up to three months of ongoing accountability and support.

A practical model for effective coaching

Good coaches have many tools in their coaching toolkit. The best coaches leverage the skills and tools they have to select the most appropriate ones for the situation they are in. Whether they are coaching for performance, coaching for development or coaching to change a difficult situation they need to select the right set of tools and the right blend of skills for the situation. Our framework helps them decide what approach to use and when, and then how to use their skills and tools for maximum effectiveness.

Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Use a clear, concise framework for coaching that stimulates high performance in others.
  • Energize people and provide the clarity on expected performance that leads to results.
  • Determine how to build the competence and confidence of their people.
  • Practice delivering competent, relevant feedback.

Meet the facilitators

  • Peggy Baumgartner

    Peggy Baumgartner's work includes training Olympic athletes for competition and training executives at the Smith School of Business at Queen's University. Learn more

  • Peter Jensen

    Peter is a veteran of 10 Olympic Games, author of 3 best-selling books, and a renowned innovator. Learn more

  • Garry Watanabe

    A corporate lawyer who became an elite swim coach before pursuing a degree in Sport Psychology - Garry is a true renaissance man. Learn more

  • Cyndie Flett

    Cyndie Flett is the former Vice President of Research and Development for the Coaching Association of Canada, and a leading expert on coaching. Learn more

  • Dane Jensen

    Dane is the CEO of Third Factor, teaches in the MBA and EMBA at Queen's, and writes broadly on resilience, collaboration and leadership. Learn more

  • Sandra Stark

    Sandra co-founded Third Factor with Peter Jensen and her hand is in all that we offer. Learn more

  • Karyn Garossino

    Karyn is an Olympic figure skater with a Master's Degree in psychology and adult education - and boundless enthusiasm. Learn more

  • Third Factor has a unique combination of expertise and experience that our leaders at Hydro One find both engaging and practical. They connect and follow through with our people in ways that ensure they are able to apply new skills and ideas right away.

    Cedric Stevenson

    Director, Talent Management Hydro One

Upcoming events


Open enrolment 2-day Coaching for High Performance workshop in partnership with Queen's Smith School of Business

April 15-16, 2020 — Register

October 8-9, 2020 — Register


Open enrolment 2-day Coaching for High Performance workshop in partnership with Queen's Smith School of Business

November 11-12, 2020 — Register

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