Olga Grapsas

Program Administrator & Technology Lead

Olga brings her passion for clarity, process, and innovation to Third Factor as Program Administrator & Technology Lead, known affectionately as “Traffic Control” where she plays a critical link between the programs we deliver and how we deliver and support them operationally.

A highly meticulous and visionary problem solver, Olga shares her love for simplicity through sophisticated technologies, supporting Third Factor’s use of industry-leading learning and engagement platforms.

Olga brings nearly a decade of marketing and operations consulting experience to the team, as well as accomplishments in the virtual event industry. These experiences helped shape her optimistically strategic and curious outlook on programs and processes and her ability to adapt quickly all the while striving for enriching collaboration.

Olga is fluent in Polish and French, and never shies too far away from creative impulses, nature walks, and opportunities for personal development.

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