Steve Earle

VP of Sales

Steve brings 23 years of experience in training, marketing and sales. Steve has worked on all sides of the training equation with tremendous success. He has personally designed and delivered training programs and certification programs in Canada and internationally to rave reviews. Steve has reviewed and purchased training programs for past corporate employers, integrating them into existing training strategies. He has marketed and sold internal training programs to corporate clients who want to have the same success as his employers. He has been the sales training manager for a large international firm where his focus was always on results by delivering training that impacted on the bottom line.

This wide range of experience working as the purchaser and the seller, the designer and the deliverer, the manager and the client, has given Steve a unique perspective on the training business. He is an amazing resource to our clients, helping them determine what training will be most useful and where training fits into their overall solution. He makes sure he understands the needs of our clients as well as the challenges in meeting those needs through training. His commitment to quality and service serves both us, and our clients, very well.

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