Performance Coaching Inc., a leadership development firm that helps clients in business, academia and elite sport build resilience, collaboration and coaching skill, is changing its name to Third Factor, effective immediately.

Third Factor CEO Dane Jensen says: “As a pioneer in bringing coaching skills to the business world, the name Performance Coaching has served us extremely well since our founding in 1991. And while we continue to lead in the area of coaching our mandate is broader now. Resilience is a huge focus, as is collaboration. The new name is reflective of that broader mandate and how we see our role in helping others grow and develop.”

The name Third Factor is derived from the psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski, who believed that beyond nature and nurture there was a ‘third factor’ –the role a person plays in their own growth and development.

Third Factor Founder and author of Ignite The Third Factor, Peter Jensen, says: “As a leader, the third factor is what you are targeting when trying to get someone else to achieve their full potential. This has been the core principle of the work we’ve done as a company over the past 30 years, and Third Factor is a perfect name to represent the past and future of this organization.”

Third Factor Partner Melissa Quinn says: “It is important to us to have a name and visual identity that reflects how we provide skills for the future of work. The Third Factor brand not only speaks to the ideology behind what we teach; it also speaks to our role as innovators who inspire people to make transformational changes in the way they work and lead others.”

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