About us.

We study the science of performance across diverse disciplines to design learning experiences that help people perform, collaborate and lead in a disruptive world.

The Third Factor

In studying the lives of individuals who had reached high levels of moral and emotional growth, Polish psychologist (and our founder’s mentor) Dr. Kazimierz Dabrowski realized that the common nature / nurture debate was missing something: the role that we play in our own development. He called this ‘the third factor.’ Our role at Third Factor is to ignite this desire to grow in others.

Our partners

  • Smith School of Business at Queen’s University

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  • Right to Play

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  • Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

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  • Canadian Paralympic Committee

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Our clients

Some of our team members have Doctoral or Masters Degrees in Psychology or Sports Psychology. They are not registered psychologists and are not members of any health professional college. Their work is limited to performance coaching.