We have helped over 100 athletes reach the podium across 10 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We work extensively at all levels of elite sport - with athletes, teams, coaches, IST members, NSOs and multi-sport organizations.

Athlete mental preparation

Third Factor was founded by Peter Jensen, a veteran of 10 Olympic Games and a pioneer in the field of athlete mental preparation. Our team now includes five people with graduate degrees in the field of sport psychology who help elite athletes and teams prepare for competition.

Coach Development

We work closely with elite coaches across a wide variety of National Sport Organizations and via the COC, CPC and CAC to enhance the effectiveness of Canadian coaches.

Strategy + Execution

In line with our commitment to increasing Canada’s competitiveness on the world stage, we forge deep partnerships with some of the key actors in Canada’s sport system, and work on a bespoke basis to move their organizations to higher levels of performance through better strategy and execution.

Our sports partners

  • Canadian Paralympic Committee

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  • Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

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