Maintaining Team Motivation Through The Troughs.

Filled with examples and ideas from Olympic athletes and other top performers, Maintaining Team Motivation Through The Troughs is a one-hour tour of the four main drivers of motivation under pressure.

Negative Emotion




Four allies to fight disillusionment

When teams face challenging times, leaders have four allies to preserve motivation and fight the tide of disillusionment.

This keynote/webinar brings these allies to life with stories from a soccer captain whose team finished dead-last at the world cup, a hockey star whose team came together through unprecedented adversity, an NBA coach with a masterful system for relationship building, an Olympic rower who attributes his team’s silver medal to a shared sense of purpose, and more.

Participants are introduced to:

  • What research tells us about resilience in a crisis.
  • How the energy under negative emotion can be used to foster motivation.
  • Why and how to build relationships with people even when time is tight.
  • How to create line of sight to moments of meaning.

Meet the presenters

  • Dane Jensen

    Dane is the CEO of Third Factor, an acclaimed speaker, instructor at the University of North Carolina, and a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review. Learn more

  • Kara Stelfox

    Kara is a biofeedback practitioner who is an expert on the mental and physical aspects of human performance. Learn more

  • Garry Watanabe

    Garry Watanabe is an expert on coaching and performance psychology with a wealth of experience working under the peak of pressure in both business and sport. Learn more

  • Karyn Garossino

    Karyn is an Olympic figure skater with a Master's Degree in psychology and adult education - and boundless enthusiasm. Learn more

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