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The human side of effective collaboration.

Explore the mindsets and behaviours of high-performing teams.



A desire to learn or know something (suspend judgement)



Giving more of something than is strictly necessary or expected (kindness, benefit of the doubt)


(the way we think about a situation)

Govern our BEHAVIOURS…

(the way we act in a situation)

And create Results.

(what we achieve in a situation)

  • Tangible
  • Experiential
  • Relationship
  • Learning

How do you get more of the results you want, less of the results you don’t want, and manage relationships and stress at the same time? The Human Side of Effective Collaboration introduces participants to the relationship between their mindsets, behaviours and results, and takes them on an interactive tour of how they can make those behaviours automatic by adopting new mindsets of curiosity and generosity.

Using fun examples, interactive polling and a practice exercise based on a real interaction, participants get a first-hand understanding of how this mindset shift will improve their outcomes when working with others. They’ll learn practical techniques for accessing a productive mindset when triggered. And they’ll leave with a plan to do one thing differently moving forward.

Participants are introduced to:

  • How their mindsets shape their behaviours – which in turn drive the results (tangible, relationship and other) that they create
  • How to practice being more curious when confronted with situations that don’t make sense to them
  • How to practice being more generous when observing behaviour that is different than their own, or their expectations
  • How to lead in a way that maintains high expectations while adopting a more flexible approach that allows for uncertainty

Meet the presenter

  • Emma Sutherland

    Emma is an accomplished career coach with 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, stakeholder engagement, coaching, and learning and development. Learn more

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