Virtual / In-person Delivery

Working with people you don't understand.

A provocative half-day exploration of the power of generosity and curiosity to drive better outcomes from cultural, generational, functional and cognitive diversity.

Making it real

Participants will diagnose a difficult interaction from their real life and take away new behaviours and mindsets they can adopt for more productive outcomes.

Learning that sticks

Participants create a personal action plan and work with a partner to increase accountability for a behavior change they’ve articulated.

Multi-faceted insights

This program combines personal reflection, self-assessment, group polling and exercises, scenario diagnosis and role play to maximize insight and skill-building in 4 hours.

Better collaboration through new mindsets

Professionals who learn to work effectively with team members who operate differently from them will both gain and contribute the most in team environments. By learning to embrace mindsets—like curiosity and generosity—that research shows high performing teams consistently practice, team members can foster productive working relationships with individuals who are different than them.

Participants have the opportunity to learn:

  • Why diversity is a critical input to high performing teams and develop empathy for where differences in perspective and behaviour come from.
  • How our own mindsets and behaviours contribute to the negative outcomes we get when working with people we don’t understand.
  • To use curiosity and generosity as mindset shifts that translate into productive behaviours for engaging with people we don’t gel with in order to improve our results and our experiences.

Meet the facilitator

  • Emma Sutherland

    Emma is an accomplished career coach with 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, stakeholder engagement, coaching, and learning and development. Learn more

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