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Career conversations.

Drive engagement at all levels of the organization through effective developmental conversations.

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Three steps to higher engagement

Helping employees develop a clear and compelling view of their path forward in the organization is at the heart of keeping employees engaged and motivated through change. And yet, many leaders find these conversations uncomfortable or challenging, so they avoid them.

This highly interactive one-hour session for people leaders introduces the what, why and how of effective developmental conversations and provides practical resources to guide them through every step of the process.

Upon completion, participants will be able to”

  • Draw upon a developmental mindset and understand the importance of holding career conversations with their people.
  • Describe what a strong career conversation looks and sounds like, drawing on their own experience.
  • Ask effective questions to assess their people’s interests & motivations, current performance, aspirations and next step.
  • Use a toolkit with their favourite questions and actions to help their people determine their starting point, set goals, and commit to reaching them.
  • Conduct effective, ongoing discussions with their people about their development.

Meet the presenters

  • Rishi Behari

    Rishi is a professional coach, consultant, teacher, facilitator and speaker who has carved out an impressive and eclectic career path amidst adversity, pressure, and uncertainty. Learn more

  • Peggy Baumgartner

    Peggy Baumgartner's work includes training Olympic athletes for competition and training executives at the Smith School of Business at Queen's University. Learn more

  • Cyndie Flett

    Cyndie Flett is a successful leader of world-class teams in high-performance sport and business, and a leading expert on coaching. Learn more

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