Webinar / Keynote

3x4 Coaching.

Drawing on a wealth of experience from our 30+ years of working with the world’s top coaches, this presentation begins a powerful coaching journey.

Participants are introduced to:

  • How to embrace the “developmental bias” of a world-class coach.
  • The 3 core plays great coaches execute on consistently: clarity, competence and recognition.
  • The 4 key skills great coaches deploy: questioning, listening, feedback and confronting.

Meet the presenters

  • Garry Watanabe

    Garry Watanabe is an expert on coaching and performance psychology with a wealth of experience working under the peak of pressure in both business and sport. Learn more

  • Dane Jensen

    Dane is the CEO of Third Factor, an acclaimed speaker, instructor at the University of North Carolina, and a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review. Learn more

  • Peter Jensen

    Peter is a veteran of 10 Olympic Games, author of 3 best-selling books, and a renowned innovator. Learn more

Whitepaper: The 3 Plays and 4 Skills of Exceptional Coaches

Third Factor CEO Dane Jensen and Director of Training Peggy Baumgartner take you inside the 3x4 Coaching model for a deeper look at how great coaches operate and how we can all learn and master their playbook.

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