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Building resilience.

A personal resilience program that helps participants master the mental fitness toolkit used by elite performers in sport and business to excel under pressure and recover from setbacks.


Building resilience can be delivered in formats ranging from a series of virtual instructor-led modules, to a half-day in-person session to a 4 month blended learning journey.

Learning that sticks

Rooted in the science of behaviour change, Building Resilience fosters self-awareness and strong habits through assessments, deliberate practice and spaced repetition.

World-class faculty

Learn about performance under pressure from experts at the front of the room and guests like Hayley Wickenheiser and Johann Koss brought in by video.

Perform, recover, grow

As organizations seek to move quicker, adapt faster and initiate disruption rather than respond to it pressure and set-backs are inevitable.


Building Resilience is aimed at giving participants a toolkit of inner skills to navigate their high pressure realities. They learn skills for maintaining an optimistic and healthy perspective through difficult times, methods for managing and sustaining energy for optimal performance, how to access and use mental imagery to enhance resilience and a strategy to remain engaged during challenges. These inner skills transform the stress and pressure inherent in moving forward into a growth experience.

Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the sources of pressure in their lives and the strengths they have to draw on through the Resiliency Map self-assessment.
  • Become more mindful and aware of the choices they have under pressure.
  • Learn to carry more energy through the week by reducing wasted energy and improving their ability to recover
  • Appropriately focus their priorities to establish a sense of control and reduce ‘noise’.

Meet the facilitators

  • Kara Stelfox

    Kara is a biofeedback practitioner who is an expert on the mental and physical aspects of human performance. Learn more

  • Garry Watanabe

    A corporate lawyer who became an elite swim coach before pursuing a degree in Sport Psychology - Garry is a true renaissance man. Learn more

  • Karyn Garossino

    Karyn is an Olympic figure skater with a Master's Degree in psychology and adult education - and boundless enthusiasm. Learn more

  • Jacques Charuest

    Jacques Charuest has thirty years of Human Resources experience, working with, and for, organizations of all shapes and sizes. Learn more

  • Dane Jensen

    Dane is the CEO of Third Factor, an acclaimed speaker, instructor the University of North Carolina, and a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review. Learn more

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Building resilience when it matters most

As a leader, your ability to stay resilient through setbacks and be predictable under pressure is the number one predictor of how your team will weather the storm. Resilience is a muscle that can be built - we can get better at recovery and handling pressure. And, now is the perfect time to build the muscle. Delivered online in partnership with Queen's Executive Education.

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Maintaining team motivation through the troughs

In the Maintaining Team Motivation Through the Troughs program, participants learn four allies for keeping people motivated, engaged and resilient. Delivered in partnership with the Smith School of Business at Queen's University.

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